The Man in the Hat

“The history of men and hats… is a story of realisim, of the enduring (as opposed to the transience of the fashionable).” -Geoff Dyer

The man in the hat has been a long standing feature in my images. In featuring a suited figure I am making a statement on ideas of solidity and substance. A girl in a dress would not suffice here. A dress is more fluid than a suit. Any hat would be too delicate. The man in the hat is representative of the enduring physical presence of my body.

This is not a statement on gender. I only refer to ‘man’ and ‘girl’ in the loosest possible terms. I reading this blog and in viewing my work you may also have assumed that the model in this piece is a man.
This is my body in a suit and hat.

I am the being of solidity and substance.
It is not a man’s hat; it is mine.


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