Detesting Photography

There’s something wrong with Photography. Its sterile shiny surface appalls me. Its lack of texture turns my stomach. I want to touch and I want to feel but this option is always denied to me.

I tire of seeing Photography in a gallery. Pictures are often imprisoned behind glass, I simply find myself staring at my own reflection rather than engaging with the work. To other artists the Photographer is seen as a perfectionist and a technologist. He’s the closest thing to a scientist that the art world has to offer. The Photographer has no soul.

Even putting photographs here in my blog to illustrate my work seems futile. The layers created in the collages are lost; squashed and flattened by Photography.

When this work is completed and finally shown I will not frame it or imprison it behind glass. I will welcome viewers who want to touch and feel the surfaces and the layers.

I will show you that Photography can have a soul.

I will show you my soul.


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