Self Publicity

I’m a little self-absorbed, as you may have noticed. But I actually find publicity for my work a difficult exercise. Publicity for work should be about work and not about the artist; but how do I separate the two? I want people to look at the art but not to look at me. I want people to turn up to an opening night but not to ask me questions. I’m IN the art, look at me in there not out here! You don’t need me to talk about it or explain anything.

I don’t want you to praise me. I don’t want self-gratification. I get that through creating the work to begin with. I just want you to turn up to the opening night, enjoy yourself, and enjoy the art you’re seeing.

Of course there is a solution to this, I simply don’t turn up in person to the opening night.

But then I’d be labelled as pretentious!
PS. The opening night for Self [other] will be at elysium gallery, 31 Cradock Street, Swansea on September 9th 2011. More info can be found soon at Please come. Enjoy. But remember I’m a little sensitive about these things.

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