So here it is. The last in the series. I’m riding the wave of euphoria at being able to finally get this series out of my head. Now what? Have I climbed out or am I ready to slide back?

The limbo between projects has begun. I can pretend that it’s time off; a holiday even. But I know it’s a period of self-reflection much like any other.

That self-reflection will lead to reading more Hume, Hegel, Dennett, and Perry.

…and conversations will lead to inspirations.

                  …and the limbo will lift and the stream of consciousness will become a river.

                             …and finally, I’ll be immersed in a new Self created by my new self.


2 thoughts on “Suspended…

  1. I must admit, I'm actually a little sad to see this come to an end. I've really enjoyed seeing you add each new piece and chatting to you about what it means and how you achieved it.

    But I shall turn my mourning to excitement as I await, eagerly, the next installment of your work.

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