Cogito, ergo sum

After my 3rd June posting ‘…and perhaps a recent photograph’, I thought it would be useful to actually provide a recent photograph.

This is me.

Well no it isn’t me.

This woman is my doppelganger. I found her completely by accident whilst scouting a website. When I look at her I believe that she is me. The resemblance to my physical being is so uncanny that I have almost started to believe that I must’ve modelled for some photographer a while back and have since forgotten that I ever did it.

‘I will suppose, then, that everything I see is spurious. I will believe that my memory tells me lies, and that none of the things that it reports ever happened. I have no senses. Body, shape, extension, movement, and place are chimeras’ (Descartes Meditation 2)

I think this is me but I cannot be sure. I have asked other people if they think this image is of me and they say it is.

This is me.

When asked for a recent photograph I will provide this one.


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