Cogito, ergo Vera? I don’t think so…

The self is not the face or the body but is an abstraction of the mind. But who’s mind?

I know the identity of my doppelganger does not affect my own identity. I am me. She is herself. We are two distinctly unrelated beings. But somehow seeing her images juxtaposed with my own confuses me.

When studying The Uncanny Freud noticed “…a person may identify himself with another and so become unsure of his true self; or he may substitute the other’s self for his own.” This is crazy talk. I can identify with my doppelganger’s likeness but my Self is certainly not her Self. I have no desire to be anyone else but my Self.

And yet seeing the face of my double causes unease.

I am not sure where this will lead my art. Probably into Descarte’s “deep whirlpool which tumbles me round so that I can neither stand on the bottom nor swim up to the top”. Such metaphysical dizziness is a start I suppose…

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