Trying versus Feeling

Each time I create a new image for the series I find myself thinking, what is there that I can bring about my Self to this image.

This is wrong.

The series is about my Self and not my Ego. I am not trying to enhance or alter this image because I ‘think’ one thing or ‘want’ another. I should not even be trying.

I should be feeling.

And so I will feel my way across this picture. I react only to each part of the image as I reach it. I clear my brain of any preconceptions and misconceptions. I do not think about what the resulting collage may mean to anyone. I finish when I feel that the work is done.

In this way of working each Self [other] collage is a unique image showing what I was feeling over a period of time. It shows my perceptions, reactions, and frustrations. This is as close as I feel I can get to showing you my Self.


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