I need to slow [you] down

I haven’t mentioned until now why I use pinhole photography. To me it’s the norm and it’s only when I look at other artists do I realise that this isn’t the case.
Pinhole photography forms the basis of the core images that I use in my work. The softness in the photographs produced provides a more tangible and genuine image which is important to me for many reasons. I need to communicate with you and create an empathy that you can feel for my work. I want you to feel as if you are not being faced with hard imagery. The gentleness of the imagery is complimented by the gentle ripped edges of the paper. I want you to feel as if I am telling you all that I am and all that I can be. 
The creation of the image using medium format film and a very cheap little pinhole camera held together with black electrical tape relates back to yesterday’s post and my distaste for technology. I have a need in me to slow down the process of creation and draw out the pleasurable experience of creating for as long as possible. I need to slow down and I need you to slow down with me. My need to get out my little 1960s analogue light meter and wait for the right moment in making the photograph is just to me as taking time to create the collage itself.
The pinhole shows you a tiny part of who I am; the collage allows you to interpolate the rest.

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