Intentions, versions, originality, and Wittgenstein

I don’t remember doing this collage. If I reworked the original photograph today it would be different even if I had the same intentions in mind. Neither version would be wrong. Both versions would be the correct versions since they would be what I intended of my Self at the moment of creation.

I suppose this is the original one since it came first but that would not make a reworked version unoriginal in any way. This is why I only ever choose to make one piece of work from one image. Once I create a photograph I do not reprint or reinterpret the work made from it. The uniqueness of the piece means that its originality can never be questioned. This is a unique piece of my Self from a single moment in my history.

“One would like to say: whatever is going to seem right to me is right. And that only means that here we can’t talk about ‘right'”   – Ludwig Wittgenstein


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