I speak to myself and my Self speaks back

I’ve mentioned before my opinions on coincidences and fate in my post This Means Nothing. I find the idea of looking into my work for hidden signs and prophecies risible.

However, I cannot deny the existence of coincidences. Choices and decisions ultimately lead to direction which, for a time, may suggest a particular geographical location. This is not fate. It is research leading to coincidence.

For example, I find an exhibition to which my work is suited. I discover the work of collage artist Lee Krasner. I find myself wanting to visit the Robert Miller Gallery. All these events have connections to New York. Go one step further and Google ‘Melanie Ezra New York’ and you’ll find plenty of references to the only other person (that I know of) who shares my/our name.

Am I destined to be in New York? No. Will I choose to visit at some point in the future? Maybe. I speak to myself and my Self speaks back. The closed loop of internal communication is influenced by these outside events but I am not controlled by them.

A fate cannot be written unless it is my Self which chooses to read.


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