I am Self [other]

I’ve mentioned the end of this project before. I think it was Suspended… on June 14th that I considered finishing this series. I’d just completed ‘Self [other] 8’ and after eight large (82cm x 82cm) pieces I felt I had exhausted that line of enquiry.

Of course since then I’ve gone on to make a further 10 pieces. These new 10 are far smaller, unmounted, rawer and more intricate.

But I think that’s it. I’ve exhausted the source material I created for this series of collages. This chapter has come to a close for now.
But I’m not one to close a blog and start up another. That simply isn’t me. This blog is me. I will not change my Self simply because I’m about to embark on something slightly different. The research that I have done in creating this project is still valid for who I am now and who I am to become. I am simply turning a corner into a different street whilst still carrying the same luggage. This is not the last post for this blog because this is not the end of me.

I am Self [other].


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