The [re]Adventures of Little Viv


I’ve been thinking about working with colour for some time now. In fact I have been working in colour for some time now. I’ve had a side project on the go now for 7 months titled ‘The Adventures of Little Viv’. These images are visible through by Facebook page and were created as an experiment to see what kind of results a little cheap Vivitar digital camera can offer.

As I’ve been creating those images I’ve always refused to print them out. I’ve always felt that if the camera is digital then the images it creates should exist purely in the digital world. For me it’s a way of allowing my camera to exist for herself and have her own thoughts and ideas that are not harvested in material form but in some sort of quasi existence. Images created with this camera have never been premeditated or planned. They are never edited or altered. The camera sees what she wants to see and records what she wants to record. The cheapness of the camera means results are often strange and unexpected.


As I’ve turned the corner away from my Self [other] series, I’ve begun to explore these images. And so yesterday I found myself at my local Kodak Kiosk printing out little glossy digital prints for the first time ever in my life. Creating collages with this hard shiny medium has been difficult….no not difficult… different. The paper will not rip so I’ve been forced to use scissors. This feels wrong. All of this feels wrong. I am so far out of my comfort zone at this point.

I’ve given my work titles. I’ve never given my work titles! This does not feel like my work at the moment. Maybe this isn’t my work. Maybe this is my little digital camera’s work. I’m reworking the adventures she’s had and evolving my personality to match hers.

This is exciting…


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