Shape and Sensibility

Triangles trouble me. They’re just so bloody clever aren’t they? Triangles form roofing trusses and go to make pyramids since they’re the strongest shape for construction. Here though I am not confident in the strength of the triangle. It just seems too neat, too easy, to cut pieces of paper into simple triangular shapes.
As with many people, shapes have a huge influence on me. But unlike many people I am particularly partial to some shapes more than others. For example, I hate rectangles; and rectangular photographs bother me. I dislike their irregularity; too many options. This is why nearly all of my work is square. When I’m asked why I often reply that it’s because “you can’t argue with a square”. And you can’t. There’s none of the confusing choices between portrait or landscape. There’s also only one measurement to pick and once you’ve picked that the rest simply follows… or follows simply.

Back to triangles.

I like triangles.

Like I say, they’re clever and important with many things in life. They just don’t work for me in this collage. Their sharpness is in conflict with the roundness of the tyres in the image. Cutting rather than ripping is opening my eyes to new problems as well as new potentials. Using images that are not portraits is new again. It’s early days with my new explorations.

As I said in my last post: This is exciting!


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