The one inch long scar on my hand is an actual, as well as a metaphorical, reminder of some very difficult times in my life. Vanity demands that I detest this deep scar. I hate the way it itches. I hate the way it is still very tender and sensitive, even after a very long period of time, due to nerve damage. This is a part of me I cannot ignore and am forced to live with.

In this collage I almost chose to paste out my scar. Editing is, after all, a neat way to change the physical deficiencies we all feel we have. But to do so would mean this work would be less autobiographical. I would be hiding part of my physical self from you in an attempt to shield my mental self from a memory. I chose instead to emphasise and enhance the scar, my scar, to attempt a reconciliation between my current self with my past self.

I do not have to like my scar but I cannot deny its existence. This accidental creation on my hand is a memorial to who I was and a testament to who I am today.


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