New York, New York?

Self [other] 10
                                                                                  (paper collage 12cm x 12cm)

Self [other] 11

   (paper collage 15cm x 15cm)

A week on Saturday these collages from my Self [other] series will be in the ‘Intimate: Small Worlds’ exhibition in Brooklyn Artists Gym

At least I hope they will.

I’ve been accepted; the work has been sent. But of course there are all sorts of problems that could occur in the meantime. The postal service (US and/or UK) could damage or lose my work. It may not arrive on time to meet the deadline. It may be so damaged it cannot be shown. There may be miscommunication and misunderstandings.

These images are to be simply pinned to the wall to enhance the fragility of their nature. I have enclosed pins. Will the Customs Service decide my pins are dangerous and confiscate my artwork? Will I be put onto some sort of terrorist register for trying to get 8 dressmaker’s pins into the US?

And so I’m not booking any flights to the US for the 3 hour opening reception. I don’t want to court disaster. After all, I may find myself at the reception with no work on the walls! Not to mention I would need almost £1000 to cover flight costs at such short notice. Would I want to go anyway? I mentioned, back on June 8th in my post Self Publicity’, that I fear exhibition openings showing my own work. This is one I can avoid for valid monetary reasons as well as paranoid self-doubting ones.

I started this blog back in  May with these words:

“The Self is not the face or the body but an abstraction of the mind.”

and I stand by those words. My Self is not my physical presence and so putting my physical presence in New York for a few short hours is unnecessary. My Self is within my work and within these 2 collages and (fingers crossed) they will be there to represent my physical absence.

And so from Saturday August 13th for 10 days only you have the chance to see my Self [other] for the first time in New York. If you get the chance to go see the show then please enjoy and say hello to my Self that you see. I’ll be sat at home with a quiet glass of champagne thinking of you.


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