Natural illuminations

It’s still early days for this new colour work. I’m not sure yet how it is to proceed. I don’t worry about such things. My work will simply evolve as it always does until it reaches a point where I feel like it has evolved as far as it needs to go.
Having ranted about shapes the other week (‘Shape and Sensibility’ July 24th) I’ve been deliberately avoiding the dreaded triangle. Occasionally a triangle pops up as a natural occurrence as a result of a random cut; which I am happy to include in my work. But more often than not I am opting for smooth lines and curves in my cuttings. The abstract nature and apparent lack of structure of the original object photographed for illuminations means there has been scope for reinterpretation that is wholly my own.
And it is these lines which have been my choice since childhood. 
I have always doodled with lines like this. My schoolbooks were covered in concentric curves with occasional knots; much like the grain of wood. My pen would naturally and  deliberately create disturbances and imperfections in these parallel lines and as a result the doodle would drift off into a new direction.
It is memories of these doodles that I have drawn on here. Not every photograph for this new body of work will lend itself to my doodles but it is a direction I certainly intend to investigate.

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