An exercise in fluidity

These [re]Adventures started as the adventures of my cheap little Vivitar camera but they have become adventures of my own. These collages are exercises and experiments. Each one is a response that is different to the last. This new work still feels wrong to me. I miss using pinhole cameras and film. The process of creation here is far quicker which gives me less time to think about what I am doing. I am simply not used to creating work at such speed. I feel like I’m lurching from one creation to another with no time for thought. I feel there is nothing yet to say. The body grows but without direction. The possibilities are being played out.
My previous series of work took up to a month for each collage. This allowed for contemplation and meditation. I know that whilst this older work is fresh in my mind any new work will feel weird and different so I know better than to fight it. Comparisons between one body of work and the next will always be made.
Self [other] was about discovering my Self through theory and in response to portraiture whereas [re]Adventures seems to be evolving into a study of my responses to self-created situations. I don’t know where I’m going with this but maybe I’m not the one who has to know. Perhaps it’s time to embrace instantaneous responses… for a little while at least.

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