An unconscious and beautiful death…

toast (detail)

‘Toast’ was created after a night of bad insomnia. With only 4 hours sleep in 36 hours the simple act of attaching crusts to layers of toast was a challenge. Using my unconscious to feel my way into this collage felt right (not that I had much choice in my exhausted state). But yet, I do not feel enamoured with the results.

I still can’t engage with this [re]Adventures series. The paper is too shiny and the scalpel cuts feel too calculated. The work does not feel ‘unconscious’ enough, even when it clearly is. Cutting instead of ripping is simply too clinical.

“The torn paper is as beautiful and perfect as nature. Birth and death are natural and untragic to it.” -Hans Arp

I think this is my problem. The torn paper of my Self [other] series, in combination with my soft pinhole images gave an ethereal beauty to the work. The cheap paper in my hands felt organic and natural; and pliable. It felt like an extension of my self. In comparison, slicing the glossy paper of these new colour images feels chemical and forced.

[re]Adventures is forcing me out of my comfort zone and I do not regret undertaking this new series. I am discovering new ways of reworking my photographs that simply would not have occurred to me before. I want to continue until I have exhausted my current supply of images simply to see what else I can do. But already I know in my soul that this series will not be shown beyond the pages of this blog. I can’t wait to return to ripping and finally kill off this ‘cut’ work.

This is only an experiment and nothing more.


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