A great escape into the night sky…


Like fluidity, the background detail here is non-existent which allowed for a completely free rein. I started by replicating shapes and moods from fluidity; which I didn’t have a problem with since a similar style also seemed to work with my dancer collage. I increasingly found myself creating gentle curves and little paisley shapes which looked like little tadpoles when carved out of the blackness.

I worked almost blind after this point. This was partly because there was very little in the original photograph to see, but also because since walking into a door the other day I find it quite painful to wear my glasses. A pretty accurate visualisation of me working on this collage can be found in Donald Pleasence’s forger character from the film ‘The Great Escape’. I’m bent double over the desk in my studio with my nose barely inches from my work.

It was important for me… no… it is important for me that the gaps carved out of the collage leave absences that are harmonious in the presence of the layers. The complimentary spaces in this collage are an absence of the pervasive blackness which could easily overwhelm the piece. These large spaces are not pinpricks in a night sky, but are spaces of potential energy punctuating the void.

The original concept of a blackened sky starting to eclipse the moon changed once I started to incorporate the little tadpole shapes. These little adventurers seemed to be heading towards the moon; off to explore the unknown. It is only after I had competed eclipse did I realise that I had potentially created little sperm heading towards an ovum.


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