Two ways to take a holiday…

Self [other]15 (detail)
It’s not very often I take a holiday. Being a self-employed artist is a tricky business. When there’s work, there’s work; but when there’s no work I guess that’s called a holiday. But how do you take a holiday when the work is constantly coming in?

I think of it that there are 2 ways to take a holiday: my body and mind can head off to a new location for a change in geography, or my brain can take itself off for a change in psychology.

Tomorrow I go to Hastings to see the Rarities 2011 exhibition (in which I feature) That, for me, is a holiday because it takes my mind and body to somewhere completely new. I am breaking the routine with something different. On the way I’ll be working on a new contract for a Phototherapy Workshop I plan to deliver. That, again, is a holiday because I am working on something new. Of course that doesn’t seem like much of a holiday. One day doing something different that is still Art related is still working. For me though, when I arrive back home after a whole day at a brand new geographical location, I will feel like weeks have passed.

I will also be exploring the second holiday option. Next week I will not add to this blog. I will not create artwork. I will go to a friend’s house in the next village and help him paint the walls of his cottage. My brain will experience new situations and new challenges. I’ll come home every night feeling refreshed and relaxed. At least that’s the plan…
                             …I know I’ll be thinking of my upcoming solo show Self[other] which is to be installed the following week (see for details). I’ll be churning over ideas and situations. I’ll be phoning directors and volunteers to organise staffing and publicity. This sounds suspiciously work-like, and not holiday-like at all! But it’ll still be a holiday for me. I’ll come back from my week as a painter and slip back in to my life as a photoartist; just as a different holiday-maker would return from her week as a snowboarder and slip back into her life as an office worker.

However the next week pans out, I know I’ll be back refreshed and full of ideas.

See you soon!

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