Off the Wall

Self [other] 3 (detail)          

After last week’s hiatus I’m feeling ready for my show. Self [other] opens this Friday and I’m looking forward to seeing what will be on the walls much the same as anyone else. No really, I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do it.

For the first time ever I’ll be walking into an exhibition space without a plan. If Friday is to be the day when I expose my Self [other] to the world then the moment they walk into that space that’s what they will get. I want them to have an experience of the space as I feel it could be and not a planned version of what I feel it should be. I don’t want the space to feel safe or predictable which is why I don’t want to plan it in advance.

You see there are too sides to me. There is the cautious conscientious person, and then there is the maverick. The balancing act between the two is not always externally evident unless I’m drunk. Miss Cautious is scared of trying anything new for fear of causing offence and rejection, whereas Miss Maverick bends the rules to the point of breaking. Everyone has both of these personae within them but I want the exhibition space to show the right balance between these sides of me.

For a while now Miss Maverick has been in charge. Thank goodness. Right now I don’t know, or care, how the work will be attached to the walls. I want it to be off the walls somehow. I don’t want my Self [other] to appear to touch the walls at all. I want angles that seem to defy gravity and question the space in which my work will stand. I want my interpretation of the space to be through how my work is presented. I don’t want the ‘safe’ option encountered in previous shows where Miss Cautious has lovingly placed photographs into black frames and carefully screwed them to the wall. I want visitors to the gallery who know me to be surprised at what they see, and I want strangers to feel enthralled by their experience with my work. I want to raise questions and not provide answers.

I want, I want, I want…

It will not matter what I want. What will matter is what I will be…

I’d better send Miss Cautious off to the store to get a few supplies then. After all, this work will not hang itself.


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