A matter of logistics

So this show opens on Friday and I still haven’t got a clue. Yesterday’s Off the Wall post was trying to decide on what I want, but seeing my pieces in the space finally brings home a sense what I need to hang this work.

I cannot have my work floating away from the wall. Even with wires, the ceiling of the gallery space will not carry the weight of the pieces. Using metal brackets is too clunky and not fluid enough. Using mirror plates leaves the work too flat against the wall. The only way I can hang the pieces such that they do not look idiotic is to use split batons. This cautious option seems to be the only route.

It’s a simple case of logistics.

But, I won’t give in. Self[other]3 seems to enjoy being at an angle in the corner. Some of the other pieces seem happy at floor height. Maybe the play in heights is what I need to communicate a sense of difference, a sense of otherness to my show. Or maybe the work itself will do that?


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