The creator had a masterplan

It started with a promise. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, aged 14, I had to choose in school between Art and Science. I opted for Science but I always promised myself I would continue with Art in some way even though my drawing skills are awful. That promise was the foundations of a masterplan although there was no way of realising it.

In 2005 I discovered I could use a camera. It started with a little Lomo LC-a and I soon came to realise that the promise had been fulfilled. It was then a masterplan formed in my mind. I wasn’t sure of the timescale, or the success probabilities, or considered health and safety implications. I wrote nothing down. I just knew what needed to be done. My 3-point plan has given me drive and direction. It has taken me mentally and physically to places I never thought I would ever go. It gave me dreams and desires that I never would have thought of. It has also broken my mind and spirit in ways I could not possibly describe.

Yesterday this masterplan became fully realised and implemented. And now I feel I can share these three little bullet-points with the world.

1. Take an evening course in Photography
2. Quit my day job & do a degree in Photography
3. Do well enough that I get to have my name in letters at a gallery advertising my own solo exhibition

So what do I do now the plan has come to an end? I don’t know. Smile and be happy for a while I guess. Or maybe I’ll simply repeat step 3 for a while and see if the letters get any bigger…


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