Next stop: Venice Biennale!

I’m not on a quest for world domination; really, I’m not. I’m simply trying to get as many people as possible to enjoy my work as much as I do. I want people to have the same ‘wow’ factor as I have when I see a photocollage that I have created.
So If you happen to be in Venice, Italy, September 15th-30th then have a look out for a vending machine somewhere in the Viale Garibaldi and you might just find yourself owning one of these pieces. Full details of the exhibition are found here: 

“It exists only for me. For you, it would be nothing but an indifferent picture, one of a thousand manifestations of the ‘ordinary’; it cannot in any way constitute the visible object of a science; it cannot establish an objectivity, in the positive sense of the term; at most it would interest your studium:… but in it, for you, no wound.”            Words:  Roland Barthes Art: Melanie Ezra


“The object within the original photograph may hold nothing personal for you but it does for me. In choosing to show you only the collage of the original photograph I am showing you my memory of it and the impact it has on me. My collages are my picture of the world as I see it. These autobiographical images feature aspects of my Self.”              Words & Art:: Melanie Ezra


 “…we should try thinking about all the possible pictures that we might have of what the world is like. What kind of order and structure is implicit in any picture of the world that we might adopt? What kind of conditions of coherence and consistency must be satisfied by any account of reality that we can find credible, if it is to count as a possible account of reality?”  Words:  Timothy Chappell  Art: Melanie Ezra


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