Beginning’s End

Silence 026 (detail)

I like to return to rejected images from previous series when starting new work. Something new always comes from the discarded ideas of the past. My mind probes and pushes at previous dead-ends in the hope of reawakening and respawning new growth.

This image is from a previous series entitled ‘Silence and Solitude’. Labelled as Silence 026, it was rejected not because of its obvious processing flaws but because it did not ‘fit’ with the other works I was producing at the time. I knew I would end up returning to this but at the time of taking the photograph I was not sure how I could work with this piece. Now I know that Silence 026 is ripe with collage potential.

This partially developed image of my own body is laden already with symbolism and connotations. Additional tearing, deconstruction and reconstruction, of this working image will reveal more than just my mind in this case. I have no working title for what I am about to do with this image. I have no philosophies or messages I wish to portray at this stage. I will respond to the flaws and physicalities inherent in Silence 026 and it will be reborn. The collage which emerges will be given a new name more fitting with the new series to which it will belong. I will do what I feel is right and the rest will follow.

Anne Middleton Wagner said, “I am myself, but my self is mere medium, a fragment utterly at my own disposal.”

I say, bring it on…


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