Counting My Methods of Destruction

This is the state of my desk. I want to start working but I’m weighing up how to proceed. Do I slice the hard plasticised paper copy with a scalpel and continue in the same vein as with my recent experiments (as per the [re]Adventures of Little Viv series)? Or do I revert back to ripping the softer paper copy (as per the Self [other] series)?

The answer is that I don’t know. I feel that the softness of the underlying pinhole photograph demands care and attention, and ripping may enhance that softness. And yet the white chemical burn on this image is harsh and unforgiving and relates more to the scalpel. I could try a combination of both methods of destruction but this again needs careful consideration as to where and how. I don’t want the resulting collage to be so laden with contradiction that it becomes ungovernable and impossible on the eye.

But, then again, do I need to consider the white space at all? In previous experiments I have expressed the blank as an absence of material; a cut-out section. This is still an option here; with either the rip or cut methods.

Too many choices leaves me exhausted on how to proceed. I have to be prepared to admit that I will make mistakes in whichever path I choose. This could take a while…


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