The Butterfly Collector


I’ve had a thing for butterflies for a while.

Its not the kind of thing you’re probably thinking. I have never felt the urge to wear butterfly t-shirts or get a butterfly tattoo. I have no girlie instincts in that department and neither am I an entomologist.

In fact it’s taken me more than an hour just to get these last 5 sentences written because I’m not sure I can define what’s going on here. So rather than ramble on about something intangible and undefined I’ll summarize as follows:
1   I took this picture of paper butterflies a few years ago.
2   I don’t feel that I can throw away the paper butterflies that I used.
3   I know that my new work will be framed in deep white box frames and pinned out like dead butterflies from some Victorian lepidopterologist’s collection.

If anyone can see any link between my new work (Response 1.1 and Response 1.2) and anything I’ve just written then please contact me. My mind is grasping at something that my eyes just can’t see right now.

Anything… anything at all…


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