Detail from a reject

I don’t recall if I mentioned, I have a collection of rejected work I haven’t got around to using or showing to the world in any way. Some work I have rejected because I feel it isn’t up to my usual standard. Other work is rejected because although the standard is good, it just doesn’t fit with what I want to say.
Sometimes I’ll find a new image to work with from this collection of rejects. Other times I’ll shoot something new. The images are always mine, never ‘found’ from elsewhere, never borrowed or stolen, and never before published. I always select my new victims for dissection and collage in this way.
These details may seem trivial. As a viewer you may simply be interested in the final results of the finished collage. What does it matter to you where my source images come from? or how many levels of thought have gone into one cut or one rip?
To me the details and the process of creation are vital. I am the only one who needs to be pleased by what I see and feel about my work. I am my own harshest critic. If I’m not happy with what I see then why should I share it with you? 
I’m the only one who needs to see the whole picture here.

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