A New Response

Response 2.1
                                                                                                 (4.5″ x 4.5″)

This new piece was always going to be difficult. In my mind Response 1.3 is such a success that to try and emulate the style in any way is hard. Starting a new series means challenge and experimentation and I always experiment on the one source image I feel I can get the best response from, and then move on to more challenging images.

Response 2.1 is the result of one such challenging image.

There is a person in there somewhere; lost in the layers, anxious to travel from one half of this divided dream over to the next. Viewing this is like attempting to send the mind on a journey through treacle. For an image so riddled with lattice and holes, it has extraordinarily complex layers. My eye wanders over Response 2.1 hunting for a detail on which to fix my mind; and I struggle. The colours of the source image blend and melt into each other.

I photographed this final collage lifted away from a cream background. Response 2.1 is always going to keep on responding depending on the colour of the background it is mounted upon. On a white background the collage takes on a different life. The pieces feel more drained and washed out; exhausted.

(detail on white background)

I was in an angry mood when I started this piece. I cut, tore, and threw pieces down not really caring where or how they were placed. The resulting piece is far from calm. At this moment, I do not like the finished piece. It is a piece to suit a particular mood, and right now I am not in a mood to care…


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