A Difficult Birth

Response 5.1
                                                                                      (4.5″ x 4.5″)

I know by looking at dates that it’s been exactly a week since my creative panic but it feels like 100 years longer than that. It’s very rare that I take more than a week to do such a small piece but Response 5.1 has taken as long as it has taken and I couldn’t have completed it any quicker.

It’s been a difficult birth: a painful process. I get small panics on an infrequent basis which can last for several days (I think I’ve mentioned this before); a tingling and tightening sensation in my belly accompanied by a shortness of breath, poor memory, and clumsiness. Usually I can hide my physical inefficiencies and mental insecurities to the outside world but I cannot hide it here. The eclectic mix of shapes and sizes in this new piece gives away my state of imbalance.

The discrepancies are there and they are obvious. I welcome the challenges they induce, because in overcoming them I am able to progress.



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