A Need for Linear Resistance

Here I am, sat on some steps.

But somehow I don’t care about the steps or the stonework in quite the same way as I have in previous works. In Response 5.1, I meticulously cut along the mortar lines of a brick pillar (see yesterday’s blog). In Self [other] 4, I spent weeks working my way along the brick line responding to the very fabric of the material (see May 12th ‘Entering the Darkness’).

And yet somehow for this new Response I feel nothing for the stonework. I need to completely ignore the stonework, carve it up into something new, fluid, organic; totally out of keeping with the original material and more in keeping with the fluidity of my previous works in this series. This is very unlike me, and yet it is the me that I need to be in this particular moment.

Here am I, a blank canvas, sat on some steps that do not matter enough for you to see them.


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