Taxonomy and Taxidermy

Yes this is a real butterfly and yes this is mine.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about having this little beautiful dead thing in my home. I bought it (him? her?) on the internet purely to further my research. Like I said in The Butterfly Connector (7/7/11), I have no deep seated need to link butterflies to my work except from a Darwinian perspective.

I have always had the idea that this is how I want to display my collages. I’ll be buying little taxidermy pins and staking out the bodies of my work in deep frames in this way. For me it’s about displaying the final result of the process of metamorphosis inherent in my work; from source photograph, to palette of pieces, to reborn collage. If I can get hold of a Victorian lepidopterist’s display cabinet for my work then I will, rather than display them on a wall.

I also know that I want to return to some of my earlier Responses and see if I can create new additions to the series from previous source images sometimes in differing sizes (to the standard 4.5″ x 4.5″ I currently use). I can see myself displaying all my collages without exception. Those created from the same source image should be pinned out as a family in a taxonomological way with the same rigours as a 19th Century lepidopterist.

I have predicted the evolution of my new species of Responses. It’ll be interesting to see now what I can discover.


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