Waterfalls and unconscious roads

Response 8.1
                                                                                                        (4.5″ x 4.5″)
I often surprise myself.
Starting on the left, I wanted to follow the structure of the mortar line of the brick pillar. This was meant to be a structured and logical response to an urban road scene. The trouble is, when I create a Response my mind wanders and unconscious decisions always over-ride conscious plans.
Somehow, and for whatever reason, I have found myself creating a waterfall out of chemical burns, tarmac, and concrete. I couldn’t bring myself to complete the top-right corner; it seemed wrong to use that part of the source photograph and disrupt the flow in any way.
So here I am perched at the edge of the waterfall, deep in contemplation as to how I got here, surprised and pleased that I’m no longer on some stone steps next to a brick wall alongside a busy road. 

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