The Origin of the Species

Response 1.3

I’ve been staring at these two earlier responses for the last few days now.

Usually I do not visit previous works. I am so relieved to remove the creative idea from my mind and convert it into a collage that I am glad to get it over and done with. I also think that if I have created something that I am totally happy with, why would I need to change it?

This project is different and I need to change my mindset in order to progress here. If I am to fulfill my goal of collecting a variety of samples of a specific species of Response then I need to be willing to take the step of revisiting previous works.

If I create a new sample of a particular species do I need to refer to the collage? or to the original source image? or both? I keep looking and asking myself what I should do differently, and what should remain the same? What characteristics of each Response here are successful and should remain as characteristics of each subsequent sample?

I’m almost ready to take the plunge, but not yet. I think I need to stare at these samples just a little longer…

Response 3.1

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