Mimic or Mutant?

Response 1.4.1
                                                                                (2.5″ x 2.5″)
This is a new smaller version of Response 1.3 which mimics all its compositional qualities. Viewed on its own it appears to be a virtual carbon copy of the original collage. There are clear differences which become obvious when viewed alongside the original. This is a parent species viewed side by side with a daughter species that has evolved from its parents into something smaller; something new.
The evolution of this species is not into something so wildly different as to be unrecognisable. Is the daughter an exact product of its parents with only slight evolutionary differences? If this is the case then Response 1.4.1  is not a mimic at all since it is not attempting to be anything else other than a product of its parents. This new subspecies is simply a continuation of the same lineage.
For true mimicry (Batesian or Mullerian in the lepidopterists’ sense) I would have to take parts from a different source photograph and attempt to mimic Response 1.3. Now that’s a challenge that I may attempt a little further along the line.
Now please excuse me, I have more children to build…
Response 1.3 (4.5″ x 4.5″) and Response 1.4.1 (2.5″ x 2.5″)

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