Welcome to the Family

Finally I’ve hit a eureka moment with this collage. After four attempts I’ve managed to get something approximating a clone of the parent collage amongst the daughter images.

At least I think Response 1.4.4 is the most successful so far. I want to make two more in this image series with possibly more at a later date. Four feels good but it is not what I would consider ample in demonstrating a collection of a known species.

Response 1.4.4

The number of daughter images for each Response is definitely going to vary. For example, there are some collages I am not going to work with. It’s not that I don’t want to see any more of that species; it’s more that I feel that species should be rarer than others. The finished body of work would be immensely dull if it had a formulaic nature of 1 parent collage assisted by n daughter images (where n is a constant). This is not how I feel the science of my art should go. If I am to mimic nature then each species would not breed equally. Each Response will be dependent on environment and reactions to local events which will determine which species becomes common and which becomes rare.

The hunt for more of this species should be complete by the end of the week. I’ll then move on in my discoveries.


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