Pulling the wings off the Butterfly

Response 3.2.1
                                                                                              in progress

I’ve started to build my memories.

Things are starting to come back to me, the order I worked for the parent image Response 3.1 is now clear. This daughter is thankfully coming together quite easily, although I’m finding working on a smaller scale (2.5″ x 2.5″) is presenting a few difficulties. The lower layers of the skirt are as thin as 1mm in places in this smaller scale and attempting to glue these pieces finely into place to imitate the parent collage is intricate and tiring.

Despite this I am finding this image the most comfortable to work with yet. It felt right when creating the parent image and creating the daughter collage is no different. The layers and the shapes feel easy and naturalI feel like this collage represents me, and identifies with my Self, in a more successful way than any of the other collages I’ve created so far in this series. 

Response 3.1 is not just a response, it is a signature. And now my natural response to this signature is to rewrite it as many times as I can until it no longer seems kind and beautiful to me and instead means nothing. It is my way of pulling the wings off my butterflies until they break.


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