Cloning, Mimicry, and Originality

I’ve been going round and round in circles considering genetics, DNA, cloning, and Darwinism but without anything substantial to explain what I’m doing. It’s difficult when in the developmental process to put down anything concrete but I think I’m almost ready to give it a shot.

Ok then… in 150 words…here goes…

I’m creating 4.5″ x 4.5″ square collages from previously unpublished self-portrait photographs. This new work has similarities to my previous series Self [other] but differs in scale and in colour. On creating the first parent collage I then go further to create a family of smaller 2.5″ x 2.5″ daughter collages. This smaller sequence attempts to replicate the original parent, cut for cut, rip for rip. Through examining the sequence one is able to see differences in mood and environment which have affected my creation of each piece.

These sequences draw parallels with immediate evolutionary environmental alterations inherent in creatures such as butterflies. Whilst the species of collage is immediately identifiable from its key compositional elements, other factors render each daughter collage as different and independent of the parent. Through my collages I am considering ideas on cloning, mimicry, and originality, both in nature and in the world of art.


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