Picturing the frame

Self [other] 16
Finally, I’ve realised my framing ideas after months of deliberation. I think the last time I mentioned my intentions was back on 11 November in my entry on ‘Taxonomy and Taxidermy’
My excellent frame makers sorted the black box frames for me just after that but I’ve been lacking in courage to pin and glue my work in place for fear that I’ll mess up their craftsmanship and ultimately cost myself lots of money. I was also scared to take the plunge because little 10 minute jobs like these have an annoying habit of taking hours and going horribly wrong in my hands.
I’ve started with pinning out my smaller Self [other] pieces in these frames so that they are protected a little better than in their raw state. These frames are totally glassless leaving the work exposed and vulnerable. The design of the box means that there is plenty of clearance between the pinhead and the front of the frame. This means the frame provides asylum for my work rather than imprisonment.
Response 3.1
I’m now deliberating how to use identical frames as these for my Responses work. I would still like to use brass taxidermy pins for these and pinning out the collages. But I’m also toying with the idea of placing the pins in a different way. I’m not sure it is right for this work to be pinned out at the corners, especially since in some cases there are no hard and definite corners to pin. On the other hand, placing the work in the back of the frame like I’ve done here seems rather dry and inappropriate. We’ll see as the work progresses as to what is best.

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