I’m still contemplating how best to show the relationships in my work. I’m convinced a phylogenetic tree is in order here because it is important for me to show species derivatives in my work. Although I’m not convinced that the evolution from Response 1.1 & Response 1.2 to become the remainder of the series is evident in my set-up here. I’m not convinced this is right at all; this is where I need the advice of a biologist.

The other alternative is a traditional, rather than biological, family tree. Here Response 1.1 & Response 1.2 are clearly the parents of the remainder of the series. The parental order of the daughters and subsequent clones is also evident. But then this seems too simple. These are not simple families of similar beings from a similar species. Response 1.1 & Response 1.2 are not of the same species at all. There is definitely an evolution at play here between the top line and the second line of the family tree. This is not obvious at all from this traditional set-up. 
Am I over-complicating a situation because I want the situation to be complex?

5 thoughts on “Familiarity

  1. Did 1.1 lead directly to 1.2 and then on to the rest of the evolutionary tree? If so, then I think 1.2 needs to follow straight on (in series as it were) from 1.1 and then start to diverge.

    Btw, did my crack about Christianity cause you to delete my offer to help with this on FB? It was totally tongue in cheek, y'know!

  2. 1.1 was created just before 1.2 but both were made on the same day using the same thought processes. It's almost like they need to run in parallel before converging to 1.3 rather than running as a divergence.

    Is it possible for me to do that?

  3. Again, off the top of my unused-for-a-while Zoology head, I think this should be possible. The idea of evolution from one to another would require the actual use of the same 'genetics' morphing into the new species. Do you consider the thought process to be the 'genetics', or the actual end product. Alternatively, am I just confusing you now???

  4. 1.3 is most definitely the offspring of 1.2 and 1.1 since it is a composite collage using the gloss paper & cutting techniques of 1.1 and also the matte paper and ripping techniques of 1.2.

    The evolutionary process has taken place not only in the gestation period (the thinking) but also in the giving birth (the making of the end product) to form a new hybrid species. I've always thought of the DNA and the genes to be the physical objects that I use to make the end product.

    You're right, this is confusing, but it's really helpful to think & talk this through with someone who knows things!

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