Interviews and Intonation

5.1 Nauticus (detail)

I was asked recently if I would be willing to take part in an interview and talk about my work. Of course I said yes. If presented with an opportunity to promote my artwork in some small way I’d be a fool to say no.

It has occurred to me since that I’m not sure what I would talk about or how I would talk about it. I am fully capable of putting my thoughts down in this blog but I’m not very practised in putting myself over verbally in a subtle and informative way. Either I’m too nervous and quiet or I come across as pushy and arrogant because I’m trying too hard to sound like I have even an ounce of confidence in myself. Of course the best solution for any interviewer is to find all the solutions they need within the pages of this blog. The written word can be more powerful and more subtle in so many ways. Accents and intonations can be hidden, and of course edit and rewrites mean I can be sure that the correct message is conveyed. [As an example that last sentence was rewritten 6 times before final publication]

Fortunately the first copy of my book Self [other] shipped out to me today. I need to check for any final errors before I let anyone else purchase a copy. Is that the best way to give someone a suitable piece of my mind? Possibly…


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