Next stop: London!

Self [other] 10
(12cm x 12cm paper collage in glassless box frame)
I like to enter exhibitions but I don’t like that they cost so much in fees. But saying that, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink a lot, so I guess it’s a fairly healthy habit to support.
I’m cautious about what I enter. I wouldn’t like to go for 3 things that all exhibit at the same time only to find they all accept me. It’s also a waste of money to throw all my eggs at one basket (so to speak). So I always have my calendar in front of me and think carefully about what would be most worth my while. I’m currently only entering my Self [other] body of work since that is complete. I know from experience with my solo show back in September that this work will successfully fill a small gallery.
Self [other] 1
(89cm x 89cm unframed, mounted on plywood)
And so to today. Both Self[other] 1 and Self[other] 10 have been accepted for a group show in February at Studio Voltaire, LondonThis will be the third exhibition that Self[other] 1 has featured in and the second outing for the other piece; Self[other] 10 last showed (unframed) in Brooklyn in August.
Despite the previous success of these pieces I’m always surprised when galleries accept my work. My lack of self-confidence always means I assume there has been some mistake. More than this though, I find it curious that my work also matters to someone else; I cannot break my creator’s mindset that my work is made by me, for me, and only me.
I guess that’s just something I’m going to have to learn to accept.

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