Book launching today

 front cover image

Self[other] is a sketchbook of artistic thoughts and ideas and as such is a working document. It has no beginning, no end, and very little plot. It is wholly based on this blog and features all my entries from 2011.

There are very few changes to layout so it’s very much what you see here. It includes all my black and white as well as my most recent colour work. If you’re awake you’ll notice that I have changed the front cover from the proposed black and white image I mentioned on Jan 4th (see Coming soon: paper!) to this colour one. I don’t know why, I just felt like this one was more appropriate in illustrating my journey. Don’t worry, the black and white cover image now has a place on the back.

Hey look, why am I trying to describe this to you? Why not see for yourself? Click on the link below and see what I mean. And if you want to hold 142 illustrated pages of papery goodness in your hands, you’ll know what to do!


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