What is work?

I always think that unless I’m creating a a new piece that I’m not working. I know this is a wrong way to think, but unless I can have that sense of achievement for a new collage I’ve created I just don’t feel like I have any sort of accomplishment or job satisfaction.

I have to keep telling myself that I have it all wrong. A new collage is simply part of a research and development phase for my latest product. Marketing a previously developed product (such as my Self[other] series) to galleries and exhibition spaces still counts as work. Preparing that existing product for an exhibition is still work. Of course none of it pays me a wage unless I can match the product with a client but I have to still regard it as work.

Similarly, going to opening nights at galleries, networking with other artists, making contacts etc., is my professional development. Also, writing this blog can be considered as work since it is not only part of my research and development, but is also part of my marketing, and part of my professional development. 

It doesn’t help that the working world of the artist can be a fuzzy place at the best of times and I’m sure employees in other professions would have less of a problem distinguishing all this. It helps to write all these things down to clarify to myself just what work actually is. I guess this is one blog entry I’ll be reading to myself over and over.

Now back to work… doh!


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