The [un]Limited Palette

My palette of pieces for each collage is always limited to what I have in front of me. I always start with one copy of the source image for ripping, and another for cutting. There are no other copies used in the making of the new collage. This means if I choose to use particular pieces in one place in a collage then this affects directly what happens in the remainder of the piece.
This shouldn’t be a problem. If I study the original carefully enough I should be able to see where the cuts and rips need to be made in order to create a true likeness in the resulting clone.

Of course it is my own human error that ultimately randomises the limited palette in front of me. No clone is ever a true clone. Each will have its own strengths and weaknesses. The weakness in my latest clone is here in the bottom left hand corner. The strengths lie in the rest of the piece.

 5.2.2 Nauticus ‘Clone’ (detail)

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