Concrete Random

Date: 31-X-2011
Name of collector: Melanie Ezra
Size: 4.5″ x 4.5″
Identification: 6.1 Concrete Random
A long time ago, in another profession, I completed a Gregorc Learning Style Delineator. The idea behind the test is to try and work out what kind of thinker you are. My results were perfectly symmetrical when plotted. I’m not sure what this means. Perhaps I am able to think in many different ways. I am a creative who rationalises, a mathematician who experiments; my inner artist is working in harmony with my inner scientist.

Concrete Random is a term to describe those people who experiment. I have used it to title this piece not only as a nod to the experimental nature of this series (and also to Gregorc), but also as a direct referral to my blog back in October (see Oct 31st A Need for Linear Resistance). Then I spoke of the physical concrete involved in this image. The ideas of experimentation and evolution within my artwork are key to its progress, but I am also very much grounded in the real world. The random outcomes are only possible through solidity and substance.


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