Reflections and Reconciliations

6.1 Concrete Random (detail)

I’m still reflecting on how best to tackle my next clone. I think that I was wrong yesterday in thinking I have to try harder. It’s not how hard you try in life, it’s how skilled you are in your attempts; knowledge is power.

I need to consider which layers fall underneath and which are to be placed on top. Usually I make the top pieces first, because I can see exactly what is needed, and place these to one side. The trouble is that the bottom pieces are often partly hidden and indecipherable. Sometimes the code that my past self has left me can be broken; often I have to make the best of a bad deal and hide the weaknesses as best I can.

Each parent collage is a design from a life I had in my recent past, each clone is an attempt to reconcile that past. The subject matter is not important here. The source photograph could be anything or even nothing. The importance lies in the strength I gain from attempting to repeat the same moves over again. The repeated steps move my mind forward.


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