Similarities through difference

Date: 27-I-2012
Name of collector: Melanie Ezra
Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″
Identification: 6.2.2 Concrete Random ‘Clone’
My initial feelings about the inception of this clone were 100% correct. This collage was a pleasure to create from start to finish. There were no struggles in finding what I needed and each piece seemed to flow out of the source photograph with ease. There are still a few problems I need to iron out when creating the next one of these. I still haven’t managed to cut a good copy the long dark piece on the left and I still have an issue with the overall shape of the clone.
Concrete Random family
Such imperfections are inevitable and visual comparison of this family only serves to highlight their differences. It is these differences that make each family member unique despite their identical genetic make up. Carbon copy clones are not the objective here, and never have been; these clones are organic in every possible way. My found species need to be displayed together in order to allow the viewer to examine closely their similarities and their differences. It is only through this examination that it is possible to see the altering mood and memory states that I have gone through in creating them.


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