Juggling Chaos

I’ve always been fairly good as discipline and time management so making the time to make and promote my work isn’t a problem. My challenge is that each potential exhibition involves potential delivery of artwork and a potential date in my diary that cannot conflict with other dates (potential or real). This has lead to me having a virtual calendar as well as a real one. I’m juggling the possibilities and probabilities that come with entering work into multiple exhibitions and opportunities.

In my virtual calendar I have written all the maybes and the perhapses that could come about if accepted for shows. I have a few potential clashes where artwork A could end up in location B when it could possibly be accepted for showing in location C at the same time. I’m trying to limit these clashes whilst also pushing my work forward for as many suitable opportunities as may come my way.

I do not know my probability of success with any entry. I cannot anticipate how selectors may be feeling individually or collectively towards my work. I cannot calculate anything for certain, other than the decrease in my bank balance for entry and submission fees. Of course, if I do not enter exhibitions then nobody will see my work; so I have to play the game and make some moves that may possibly (or possibly not) improve my career chances.

This is not a career in Art, it is a career in Chaos. Every action has a potential reaction which may not be equal, reciprocal, or manageable.


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