Welcome to melanieezra.com

After a few months careful and deliberate thought I’ve decided to shift everything across to http://melanieezra.com/ I’ll stop maintaining my previous blog and continue here. News on previous collections can be found on the page tabs at the top of this page and I’ll be continuing with my daily thoughts and observations in this space here.

So that’s serious stuff at the top and interesting fun stuff here. In other news, I’m doing more stuff in my new Emergence series ready for exhibition with Twelve34 gallery later in the month. More on that soon.


“Emergence” 2014 mixed media

Fab Fridge 2014

With all the other projects I have going on at the moment I completely forgot about this FaB Fridge 2014. I couldn’t even remember what I had submitted because I did it a while ago now. Looking at some of this work I was trying to remember where the originals are right now.

Some of the original artworks are in Rochester NY ready for an exhibition later in the year and others are still with me. It’s going to be interesting to see images of my artwork printed on fridge magnets and distributed around Bath, UK. It will be like catching up with old friends.

You can read more about FaB Fridge and see the art and artists involved in this amazing project here:

Fringe Arts Bath [FaB] opens on 23rd May and is at so many venues across the city that it is dizzying. The latest lineup is here: http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/

Moda Week International

I’ve been very busy working on designing a blog for the wonderful people at Moda Week International in New York USA.

It’s an amazing opportunity for me and my artwork to be associated with this and I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am. It’s been hard work trying to negotiate the time difference between here and the US and still maintain all my commitments on this side of the Atlantic but I think the results are worth it.

There are still a few tweaks, revisions, and amendments to do. But then it is a blog so there will always be additions to be made in the build up to New York Fashion Week and Syracuse Fashion Weekend later in the year. Have a look and see what I’ve managed so far. I’m really very proud of this. http://news.modaweekinternational.com/melanie-ezra/

Working in Secret

I wish I could show you more than this section of what I’ve been working on today but I really can’t. I’m working with a major international client to assemble some things in a place. Somewhere. This is like working for the secret service in that until things have been approved I really can’t say any more than that.

This is a really exciting time for me with lots of fresh new international collaborations on the horizon. Although nothing is official yet I’m definitely looking to exhibit at a major venue as part of a huge international show later in the year.

How’s that for telling you everything whilst simultaneously keeping my mouth very firmly closed? I’m going back to work on this now. In secret. With the curtains closed.

Home Hack

It occurred to me today that I haven’t had any Epic Dreams cause Epic Bed Hair photographs for a while due to my hair growing out to a sensible and reliable length. This will not do.

I haven’t been to a hairdresser since last June. My hair was so short last summer that I simply haven’t needed it and also I haven’t had the budget. I must admit that I have been experimenting every now and then with the scissors as my hair grows longer just to keep it looking okay.

Today’s experiment was all about the fringe. I haven’t had a fringe for a very long time so it will be interesting to have. I’d better have some epic dreams now to accompany the mess I’ve made. Either that or I’m going to have to apply for an arts grant so I can pay a hairdresser to correct it!


I’ve got several commitments to take care of this weekend and I certainly deserve some time off. I’m trying to find time to unwind and it’s getting increasingly more difficult with being so busy. Even when I’m relaxing I’m looking at opportunities, both visual and career-wise.

Last night I was watching Goldbringer play here in Swansea. I’ve done promotional photographs for bands before so I couldn’t help myself but take some shots for the guys using my phone. Next weekend they’re playing Battle of the Bands as part of Rhondda Rocks at The Factory in Porth. I might take a proper camera with me for that one. More on all of that at their website http://www.goldbringer.com/ and you can also see the rest of last night’s pics.

Looking for Limbs

Lots of legwork today in more ways than one. I’m been looking for extra limbs for my latest Emergence work. There are loads of charity shops here in Swansea all with a toy section. My last doll cost 99p and was found in the first shop I looked in. These hard cheap and nasty dolls are not that popular compared with the plush variety. How hard can it be?

The answer is very hard. This is the only one I could find and the plastic will need a lot of softening before I can work with it. The feet are a little strange in that they are very flat, fat, and lacking in detail. I can’t decide at the moment whether this is a good thing or not.

Going Underground

I’ve been working in Bath today. It’s a 5 hour round trip but it’s worth it. I’ve been preparing and negotiating for a little something that I’m doing for this year’s Fringe Arts Bath.

I’ve been to the basement of a disused store right in the heart of the city in New Bond Street. This basement has stoves, bathrooms, and a system of strange archways which appear to be either wine cellars or catacombs. This is certainly not what you would expect from a regular disused high street store but Bath is different. Here basements and cellars are always a strange mix of uses and history due to the city’s growth over the last thousand years. I fully expect below this is another, as yet undiscovered, layer which probably has some sort of Roman connection. Usually members of the public never get to see this side of the city so whenever I get the chance to explore this sort of space I jump at the opportunity.

This particular store is about to be transformed into a gallery space for use by a number of groups as part of this year’s Fringe Arts Bath festival. It really isn’t much to look at right now but by the time the show opens on 23rd May there will be all sorts of contemporary arts happening in this space and at huge range of locations across the city.

This festival is huge. People travel from all over the UK and beyond to see what’s on offer and to participate. You can find out more here http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/ and of course nearer the time I’ll tell you exactly what my involvement will be.

All Over the Place

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday. I put in so many hours yesterday that my feet hardly touched the ground. I haven’t even got anything creative to show for it which always makes me feel disappointed but sometimes that’s just the way it is.

As an educator sometimes there are seasons which are very fluid and intense and I just have to ride them out until it’s over and I can relax. Unfortunately these times also coincide with a lot of arts festivals so I really do end up burning the candle at both ends to fit everything in.

During this time I also have to be continuously negotiating new work for the next season and continuing to network so that I have opportunities for later in the year. One day all of these hours I’m working will pay off but until that happens I just have to dig deep and keep going.

I’m all over the place at the moment both mentally and physically. Luckily I’m flexible and disciplined enough to take on the challenge.